Financing your used truck


Finance and Insurance

Are you looking for a flexible and effective way to finance your used truck? Our finance packages are the ideal way to source your next truck - whether it's just the one or a full vehicle fleet.


Flexible Finance Solutions

Scania Financial Services work with you and the way that you work. From basic Hire Purchase through to Finance Lease or a full Contract Hire (and all that's in between), every service available can be tailored to your operation. Your payments can be structured to optimise cashflow either on a monthly basis or even in the case of supporting seasonal work demand... There really are so many options to consider.

Find out more about the services available:

Let's talk about finance options

Our Scania Finance Sales Manager, David Glasson, will be more than happy to talk you through packages available to you and will help you find the best fit for your business.

David Glasson, 07826 562548