Direct Vision Standard – which truck should I buy?

Do you operate inside of the M25 and run a Euro V truck or older? If you do, there are some upcoming changes to legislation happening in and around London that you'll need to take note of. To put it simply, Low Emission Zones will be tightening later this year, and the Direct Vision Standard will be introduced now in 2021...

We're sure you've already heard about the new Direct Vision Standard, there's plenty of information available online about it already (read our recent article here). For those trucks entering or operating in London, you should consider how the DVS and stricter LEZ standards could impact you.

The Direct Vision Standard measures in-cab visibility of HGVs entering or operating in Greater London to ensure that pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists can be spotted by drivers easily. Vehicles are rated from 0-5 stars, and the operator will then need to obtain a safety permit with their truck's DVS rating. 

If your HGV is rated 1-5 stars you can apply for a permit without the need to provide additional evidence. If your HGV is rated 0 stars, you would need to have it retrofitted with a safe system, which we offer at TruckEast. Direct Vision Standard enforcement begins in 2021 (launch has been postphoned from original date of 26 October 2020).

On 26 October, Low Emission standards will become tougher. The current standard for HGVs is Euro IV (PM). This will change in October to Euro V1 (NOx and PM), which is the same as the ULEZ standard. Failure to meet these standards could result in a daily charge of up to £300 depending on whether the vehicle fails to meet Euro IV or Euro VI.

The best way to consider how these changes could affect you is to look at your area of operation with both the DVS and LEZ enforcement zones side by side. The two zones are very similar but don't completely mirror one another, as you can see below...


From the map you can see where your truck would need to comply with each zone and where they would overlap. Anywhere within the blue or yellow zones will require a HGV safety permit for trucks over 12 tonne. If your truck is below Euro VI you will be charged when entering the blue zone.

TruckEast Used Stock

It's worth considering whether it's time for an upgrade if your truck is older than Euro VI. At TruckEast we can offer a vast array of Euro VI compliant vehicles.