Can you crack our easter egg hunt?

As the nights get lighter and temperatures (hopefully) start to warm just a little we'll soon find ourselves heading towards April, the start of Spring and, soon after, the Easter holiday.

With that being said, we just have one question: can you crack our virtual Easter egg hunt? These little eggs could be hidden anywhere; at the bottom of pages, on stock, or even inside our news posts. 

Each egg has a different letter which, when put together, spells out a word. Decipher the word and you may just find yourself a lucky winner. And along the way, you'll be able to find out a bit more about our quality range of previously owned Scania vehicles.

Our first place winner will receive an official Scania weekend bag and water bottle, and for our second and third place runner-ups it'll be chocolate easter eggs!

Ready, steady, go! If you think you've cracked the code please fill in the submission form found at the button below or message us on social media. We'll be announcing the winners of the prize draw on Monday 6th April.