Government funding with hgv scrappage scheme

Transport for London (TfL) announces launch of hgv scrappage scheme - six months ahead of tighter LEZ standards.

A welcome support for many, the new scheme is designed to remove barriers to comply with the latest regulations for smaller businesses and charities operating hgvs in the Greater London area.

As of 1st March, 2021, the new LEZ standard will require heavy vehicles to meet the cleanest Euro VI emission standards for both PM (particulate matter) and NOx (nitrogen oxides), in order to avoid a daily charge, which depending on the age of the vehicle could be upto £300.

This new legislation is meaning a lot of hauliers are considering changing older vehicles into an Euro VI alternative to operate without a penalty.


The TfL scheme will offer grants of £15,000 to scrap or retrofit hgvs that don't meet Euro VI emission standards. This is available on up to three hgvs per eligible busines.


There are eligibility restrictions around size and location of business, but don't assume it's just London based businesses.

To qualify for the scheme, you must be a sole trader, small business with 50 or less employees or a charity.

The vehicle you intend to scrap must be:

  • An HGV over 3.5. tonnes gvw
  • Owned for more than 12 months prior to 28th September, 2020
  • Insured for business use
  • Road taxed with valid MOT
  • Fail to meet the ULEZ standards

Although aimed at operators based in the greater london area, or those holding a London service permit or an operating centre there, you can qualify for the support if the vehicle you intend to scrap has been driven in Greater London 26 times or more between 28th March, 2020 and 28th September, 2020. Evidence will be required to prove the journeys.

You can check your vehicles compliance with LEZ emissions by visiting


Eligibility Criteria

For full details on whether you may be eligible for the TfL hgv scrappage grant visit here . 

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Euro VI Alternative

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